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Beautiful Brollies and Comfy, Easy-fit Masks


Boo Brolly

What We Do

We are all about making every day things beautiful. From adding a bit of magic into dull, rainy days with our colour-changing umbrellas... To brightening up face masks with fun and distinctive designs.

Our latest addition to our range is Boo Brolly Kids- a collection of 3 colour changing umbrellas guaranteed to get them out in the rain with smiles - not groans!

Based in the most special town Penarth, we offer free same-day delivery in the local area, great for those last minute gifts!

Why not explore our products and see for yourself...

Colour Changing

As the Rain Falls

As the rain falls the white pattern on our brollies erupts into a rainbow of colour!

If you have an idea for a design why not let us know! Drop me an email: [email protected]



Easy-Fit Masks

Introducing out new comfy, easy-fit masks in three unique designs.

The Leopard || The Bird || The Leaf

All come with a filter pocket for ultra protection, adjustable ear loops for an excellent fit, chin cover so the mask stays in position and a wide metal nose bridge for a tight seal.

Boo's Brollies

Our Umbrellas

We are all about marrying beautiful design with clever technology. Our prime goal is to brighten up those rainy, dreary days with some colour and cheer.

Our colour-changing umbrellas add a little magic to your daily journey as you can watch the canopy erupt into a burst of colour as the raindrops fall.

Not only do we focus on canopy design, our umbrellas stand up for themselves. We choose the right technology so that they won't snap or twist. This means your umbrella will actually last. That is something new!

Boo Who?

Boo Brolly are a little independent company based in Penarth, the most special seaside town just outside Cardiff.

Living in Wales means that we are all accustom to a little rain 🌧 ! As well as the need need for an umbrella. Boo Brolly was started as I spotted the need for beautiful yet strong yet affordable umbrellas. Something to brighten up those dull days.

Our umbrella collection has only just started. We are focusing on colour-changing canopies at the moment as their magic seems to create the most smiles. However, we will be introducing other beautiful brollies such as rainbow designs, 16 panel sophisticated umbrellas and light-up festival umbrellas over the next few seasons.

New for Autumn 2020 are our easy-fit face masks which have been designed to be comfy but also offer the most protection for the forthcoming months. Each design brings a different vibe, just choose the one that best represents you. Or buy all three to go with your wardrobe!

The future? Look out for our Children's colour-changing umbrellas that are coming later this Autumn!

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